How Lancome Stole Christmas

Tuesday, December 4th 2018 0

Starry lipsticks, glittering shadows and a rosy highlighter of dreams

When I opened the Lancome Christmas collection this year I literally felt like a princess. It is such a lovely, luxurious collection and it feels like a total treat.

What they’ve done is reimagined beautiful classics in glittering, festive packaging, so they feel brand new but they’re the same tried and tested formulas that we know and love.

Let’s take a look…

Lancome Christmas 2018

Christmas Eyeshadow Palette, £60

A total party season palette, this is comprised of lots of glitter shades and some deep, jewel toned matte eyeshadows. All of the colours featured were inspired by the city skyline of Paris.

Lancome Christmas 2018 eyeshadow palette

I’d really recommending following Charlotte from the Lancome pro-team on Instagram. She’s such a lovely girl and great make-up artist. When I saw her create a demo of the Proenza Schouler collection this summer, I literally went to Starbucks and did my make-up straight after. She’s great because she takes even the most daring colours and makes them sexy and easy to wear.

L’Absolu Rouge Limited Edition Glitter Lipsticks, £25.50 each

I’m not sure if you’ve had one of these L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks from Lancome before, but the clasp is very pleasing. The packaging has been embellished with glitter (it has been sealed so it won’t transfer) and three universally flattering shades are in the mix.

Lancome L'Absolu Christmas 2018 Limited Edition

There’s a hot pink, a true red and a rosy nude in a variety of finishes. Each lipstick has been pressed with beautiful stars so you’ll always be reminded that it was a special Christmas treat. What’s more is that each shade smells like that gorgeous, powdery lipstick of time gone by. It would be fair to say that lipstick is one of the things Lancome is known and loved for; the quality is lovely, the lasting power is great and it feels like a treat in your handbag.

Lancome Christmas 2018 lipstick

Rose Highlighter, £45

This highlighting powder is exceptionally lovely. Is it the most practical highlighter in the world, that you’re going to throw into your handbag and use day in, day out? Of course not. But this has been created with the vision to becoming a total and utter treat to whoever receives it.

Lancome Christmas 2018 rose highlighter

It’s one of those things you’ll keep for years and years. For me, this is going into a very elite edit of make-up folklore legend I have at home, which includes gems from years gone by like Mariah Carey’s MAC Cosmetics collection.

Lancome Christmas 2018 rose highlighter

Hypnose Drama Christmas Limited Edition Volumising Mascara, £25

A short and sweet update, the classic mascara returns in a luxurious rose gold packaging.

Lancome Christmas 2018

A little thought on this collection: though it is lovely for this time of year, nothing in the collection is overly Christmassy. This in mind, if you know someone who loves Lancome and has a birthday later in the year, now would be the time to find a limited edition treat for them and stow it away.

The Lancome Christmas collection is now available nationwide. Make sure you check out Charlotte’s page on Instagram for some inspiration on how to use it!

Lancome Christmas 2018

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