Pestle and Mortar: The Irish Skincare Sweethearts

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A simple, effective skincare brand

A few months ago, someone advised me that a fragrance-free skincare routine may be helpful for my redness prone skin. Around this time, I met Sonia, the founder of Pestle and Mortar, and began to use her skincare range. 

Sonia’s story really resonated with me for various reasons. The brand is founded and made in Ireland, which I loved because my family are all Irish too. But in addition to her Irish heritage, Sonia’s family are also of Indian descent and her family has always believed in using natural remedies. The name Pestle and Mortar came from the tools her family would use to grind down ingredients when creating their remedies, and the brand was born. I’m lucky to meet lots of brand founders through writing my blog, and Sonia felt really warm and genuine which made me want to try them all the more.

Sonia is a busy mother of five and her philosophy is all about simplicity and results. Thus, there aren’t a million and one products in the brand line up; if they need it, or they feel no one else has done it in the same way, they’ll create it.

Pure Hyaluronic Serum 

This serum was the very first product in the Pestle and Mortar line up, and garnered such a cult status within the beauty world that it led the way for many more products to follow. I would really just describe this as a drink of water for your face. When you apply it, it instantly quenches any dry areas and completely soothes the skin. The results last well into the day, and I even find that this significantly helps my make-up to stay in place because if my skin is hydrated then it won’t drink up my foundation. Of all of the things I’d recommend to try from Pestle and Mortar, let this be your first. Sonia was inspired to create this when observing the positive impact hyaluronic acid would have on a person’s skin when used by a make-up artist on a model. Her husband is a renowned photographer, and she studied the impact of make-up and skincare on all of his subjects.

pestle and mortar hyaluronic

Hydrate Moisturiser 

A super simple product that does what it says on the tin, the moisturiser is a hit of hydration suitable for all skin types. I find that this works especially well as a partner to the serum, helping to enhance and retain moisture within the skin. One of my favourite things about this is the pot it comes in; you press once and it releases you perfect amount of product. Not only is this seal great for avoiding any contamination of the product, but it also means that you only use as much as you need.

pestle and mortar hydrate

Balance Facial Mist 

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know how much I love mists. Facial mists are one of my favourite ways to layer moisture into my routine, and also one of my favourite ways to alleviate tired feet and legs. Balance mist is a calming, soothing skincare treat that instantly cools redness in my skin and gives my make-up a dewy, luminous finish. It is infused with deep sea Irish magnesium and amino acids among other things to add radiance to the skin.

pestle and mortar balance mist


Again, simplicity is key with the Recover eye cream, a soothing, comforting cream that absorbs quickly. I think that when it comes to fine lines around the eyes, one of the main things you can do to give the illusion of smoother skin is to keep the skin hydrated. This will sit easily under make-up and the fragrance-free formula won’t sting or irritate sensitive skin. In particular, this works well against puffy eyes or dark circles.

pestle and mortar eye cream

There are a few other products I’m easing into with the brand, including a much hyped Retinol Oil and the brand new Exfoliate toner. But for now, I am super sold on the core classics.

You can find Pestle and Mortar online here and in Harvey Nichols among other retailers.

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