Winter 2019

Welcome back,

This winter I’m really into making my IGTV video tutorials. I love creating 10-minute, real-time make-up looks to show you what’s achievable without filters or editing. I’d love you to take a look, they’re embedded into some of my blog posts or you can find me over there @RoseGallagher.

Have you listened to my podcast, Beauty from the Heart? I’ve talked with some of my favourite people in the beauty industry and it has been a dream to make. Lots of them do inspiring or charitable things which makes it all the more worthwhile. Series one was so much fun that I’m currently planning for series two!

Talk to you soon,

Autumn 2019

Welcome back to Mixed Gems!

The highlight of my summer was launching my podcast, Beauty from the Heart. In it, I talk to my favourite people in the beauty industry inspiring positive change. Guests so far have included Sali Hughes, Dominic Skinner from MAC Cosmetics and the amazing team behind BECO, one of my favourite brands and social enterprises.

I’d love it if you took the time to listen. Message me on Instagram @MixedGemsBeauty if you do.

Summer 2019

Recently I have really been enjoying filming my IGTV videos. I love filming real-time make-up application that is quick, easy and lasts the day. If you’re not on Instagram, I’ve uploaded them to YouTube too and included the videos in my latest posts.

Hope you’re having a lovely summer!

April 2019

Welcome back!

There is a lot of discussion around rosacea this month, so I was so pleased to share my thoughts on the skin condition with Women’s Health! You can find the article in the ‘About’ section of my blog.

Now that the weather has warmed up, don’t forget your SPF every day. The Zelens SPF50 is my favourite lightweight, easily absorbed SPF that does the job.